Monday 17 December 2012

Santa Came to Tee-ball

As it was the last matches before a Christmas and summer holiday break a special visitor arrived on a huge shiny motor bike...he parked the bike and shouted "Hallo everybody" and then broke into a gangnam style dance much to our he lined up the two teams and wished them a very happy Christmas before tossing a big bag of lollies/sweets to each child and a fair few of their younger siblings;

Jess waits her turn, Ally and Olivia are just behind her...

Our wonderful couch, Caroline Crouch, had already given out bags containing chocs, sweets and a huge balloon and the season ended on a high note.

I can't thank Caroline and the other coaches enough for all the hours they put in voluntarily  to make childrens' sports a reality. They are a fantastic!!

Enjoy your week,