Thursday 13 December 2012

December 12, 2012

It was my birthday yesterday...12/12/12. I was born in 1956 and turned 56 yrs of age...the numbers were very unique. It was also our 11th Wedding Anniversary and despite some-one only "giving us 6 months" we've never been closer.

Thunderstorms were forecast but we went out anyway, up to the New Moon Restaurant in Northbridge for a Dim Sum lunch. We were seated quickly and served green tea and then the dishes started coming. Ginger duck, chicken and mushroom in a steamed rice parcel wrapped in a lotus leaf, chilli mussels, steamed pork dumplings and almond and prawn was all delicious and eaten too quickly to photograph, sorry!

Then we walked up to the State Library. They sell their unwanted books so we browsed through them but at $6 and $8 each they were still too expensive. I loved their Christmas Tree however...

Some of the books for sale...

It began to rain heavily while we were in there so we scuttled across to the Art Gallery...

An animated French film was playing on the big screen outside PICA... we paused to watch for a minute or two...

The Art Gallery itself was wonderful as always but the gift shop prices astound me, $675 for a 60cm wooden horse made of blocks??? $199 for a wire rabbit?

Back on the train it appeared that a huge storm front was following us home...the sky was breath-taking as the forks of lightening crackled through the layers. When we got home I grabbed the camera and took a few pics...

and lastly what grand-daughters do when they come for a quick visit...they are both fascinated by my sewing table and pins and needles and sorted my pin cushion...

Hope your week is going well,
Love from Sue


  1. I remember doing that with my mom's and Donna's pin cushions!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day and happy belated birthday and anniversary. I usually remember but had a lot on my mind. Love you guys xoxox

  2. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday Sue :) I really like the book tree at the library! I really like storms so appreciate the thunderstorm pictures :) It looks like you had a very nice day.

  3. Dim sum is delicious and it sounds like the most incredible day was had together - special numbers, indeed!

  4. Congratulations for Wednesday, I was also 56 on the 12 th, though I was born in the Central Middlesex Hospital in London. Have just found your blog and will be lurking more frequently now. Margaret in Queensland.

    1. hallo twin...I was born at 10.30pm in Lancaster

    2. 11.40am. My Mother was annoyed because she missed lunch, as she reminded me frequently.

  5. Happy Birthday and Anniversary Sue. Glad you had a lovely day. xx

  6. so thrilled that you had a wonderful birthday and anniversay Sue, ain't life great? xx