Tuesday 19 February 2013

Hot On The Heels...

of my little misshap comes this amazing tale...

    Mum has just finished telling me a long story about an accident Dad had 2 weeks ago(yes I know, she forgets things).
She was washing up and heard Dad yelling for her, dashed outside to find her nearest and dearest hanging upside down by his lower legs from tree in their front garden. She couldn't get him out herself and knew no-one was home nearby so she hailed a young man jogging past(with ear buds in so she had to run in front of him to get his attn) They prised Papa from the tree with difficulty, he had a chunk missing off the front of his leg but miraculously no broken bones. She cleaned him up and applied First Aid but the wound was still messy and bleeding at 11pm so she phoned a help-line who arranged for a Silver Chain Nurse to call in within 4 hours. Dad sent Mum to bed as she had to be up very early for golf but she heard the nurse arrive and says she thinks it was Nurse Gladys Emmanuel from "Open All Hours".
Two days later the wound was still bad so they went to the GP. Their Manchester born doctor had a look and took Dad to the nurse's station for treatment. She called out, "Do you know what this man has been doing? He's almost 80 yrs old and he's been up a ladder!" What a hoot! So every 2 days they've been back for dressing changes and Dad is banned forever from regular ladders, a tiny 2-step ladder is all now! LOL And they wonder where I get my ability to have accidents from! Mum is 75 yrs old.
Dad was pruning the tree and one side of the ladder wasn't secured properly and snapped a thin branch causing him to fall.

 What Dad used to look like when he was allowed on ladders...

Some daughters do 'ave em!


Edited to add, Dad was seen back in tree the following day finishing what he'd started!

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  1. Blinkin' heck!!!!! Glad he's recovering... can you IMAGINE him hanging from the tree???

    My own Dad has had a few ladder falls recently and he also is banned from them for life, LOL. My hubby knows quite a bit about workplace safety through his job and he recently told me that most household injuries and fatalities occur because of ladder falls. So dangerous.