Tuesday 26 February 2013

Purple Vegetables and Fruits

I bought my first purple carrots at the Spud Shed on Saturday and last night I boiled them up with some white nadine potatoes. The water went deep purple in colour and so did those lovely potatoes! Here they are roughly mashed together with some olive oil, salt and pepper...

I'd also bought a red(purple) cabbage, an eggplant and some beets and as I was making coleslaw this morning I wondered why I had chosen so many purple vegies...some instinct was telling me my body needed them. They are a wonderful power-house of minerals and vitamins compliments of a little something called anthocyanin ..have a look at this great link which explains how valuable it is and where it is found...in purple vegies of course!

To make my coleslaw I whisked together French mustard, some whole egg mayonnaise, pepper and a little white wine vinegar, chopped around a cup of red cabbage and grated a red apple and a regular orange carrot, it's quite piquant.

Were you aware of these valuable foods? Do you use them regularly? Remember how good they are for you when you next enjoy red grapes, blueberries and blackberries. I will use them much more now I have learned about them, ain't the internet grand?

Rent Inspection tomorrow but I am much calmer than last time, just the shower screen to do and the kitchen floor really, change the bed and just generally potter as it's very warm again. A cyclone is off our Nth West coast so we're  hoping there will be no loss of life up there, we will get some rain from it later in the week.

Bye bye for now,
Love Sue


  1. I was commenting to hubby about how many greens I'd used recently, we've been having a real spinach fest (not to mention the broccoli!) A previous week we had mostly orange things. I could say it was cravings, but more likely it's what's cheap at the time! I love red cabbage, but confess to finding purple carrots a bit unappealing, much prefer the orange.

  2. I have never tried purple carrots. You have inspired me to give them a try if I see them in our markets. Your coleslaw looks delicious! I am looking forward to reading about the benefits of anthocyanin.

  3. I've grown quite a few purple carrots (heirloom variety) and love them! I have a few red cabbages in the garden at the moment & I'm looking forward to when they're ready

  4. Sue - I've grown Purple Haze carrots before and we love them! They tend to go mushy when they are cooked so we stick to eating them raw (which further benefits us). Gorgeous slaw!

  5. Sue, amazing purple carrots, we've grown red cabbage, of course, but never seen purple carrots. Maybe they are an Aussie thing. Not sure Steve would eat them, he fights me on most veggies. Loves growing his garden but limits himself to green beans, corn and tomatoes usually. Some okra thrown in which I dislike. Funny how we've lasted 46 years together. :-) Glad your home inspection is behind you, mine might not pass on those weeks Mom and husband are both feeling rough. Little housework get done then. Enjoy your heat, we've been cold and snowy here for far too long it seems. Hedy