Monday 2 September 2013

Liam's Baby Shower/Welcome Party

Priss's lovely SIL, Anita, organised a baby shower for when Joe and I were here in Canada and able to attend. Family and friends gathered in the lovely park outside the back gate on Saturday afternoon. Anita had us play some hilarious games, every-one brought far too much yummy food and some wonderful gifts for Liam, he'll be the best-dressed baby in Ottawa!

Will let the pics do the talking...

Anita made 2 lovely posters and decorated with blue and white balloons and streamers

Grandson, Austin, played in the park

he loved Elmo, the Basset Hound

I love Elmo too!

Gerry talks to Mel (who was holding Liam)

Kyra, Bella and Skylar

Will's Nanny came too

Joe and his SIL, Will(Priss's hubby)

Uncle Jeff came too, he's Anita's hubby

Priscilla and Amanda catch up on the news, Amanda is expecting a baby too

Cousin Jackie had lots of cuddles

Mel and Anita help Kyra with one of the games

the beautiful cake made by Anita's friend
Last pic, taken by Mel of Priss opening her many gifts...

My wonderful, Dad, turns 80 years young in 70 minutes and I so wish we were there to share some time with him and Mum...will catch up when we get home but we all wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Dad, and many more.
PS stay out of the trees and off that roof!

Love from Sue


  1. So glad you were there for that Sue! Looks like the weather was good as everyone is in summer clothes.

  2. Thank you for posting the pictures of Priscilla and family. What a happy, little group they are. Wishing the best for them. Hedy