Wednesday 11 September 2013

Come For A Walk...

Just next door is a Brazilian cafe, feijoada is served(the first pic) with manioc flour, rice and collard greens

and next to that is the Australian Pie Shop, apparently Hugh Jackman visited and said they were the best in the world!

their version of the Pie Floater

these fire escapes fascinate me and remind me of films set in New York

this painting covers the walls and ceiling of a nearby garage, the artists are listed below

How's this for a Fire Station? More like a fairy tale castle!

this huge painting is in a stonemason's yard on one of the main streets of the city

and across the road we ate at the world famous Schwartz's Restaurant, as with most of the meals I've shown you we shared one meal and took doggie bags away with us, portion sizes here in Canada are very large

the bells of the Portuguese church sound wonderful on Sundays
this poster is advertising the 1925 Lon Chaney silent movie, "Phantom of the Opera" with live piano, organ, viola(?) and soprano...what a glorious spectacle that will be
a Lebanese shared lunch, lots of salad here, Mum (lol)

this building is having new windows installed and the facade replaced, the orange you can see is polystyrene for insulation

I thought I'd have a play around with black and white photos after seeing so many metal stairways etc...these are just the buildings opposite again...there is a huge restaurant supply store that is open to the public so we plan to go and have a look at their carving knives etc...

They look like they were taken in the 1950s (to me)

Hope you've enjoyed our walk
A la prochaine...until next time


  1. Another lovey post Sue. I'm really enjoying all the photos.

  2. Thanks for the tour Sue :)

    Sounds like your holiday is going well. You have posted some lovely pictures of other parts of our big beautiful world.


  3. If you're still in Montreal, it can' be the 11th yet. I must have missed a day! I love the way you capture the essence of the city with your photos. It was certainly one of the best Canadian vacations Charlene & I have had. Maybe some day we will meet you in Oz or at a noodle shop in Shanghai or Saigon...RayK

  4. It was nice to go on a walk with you, Sue. I am glad you are enjoying yourself. What huge portion sizes!!!

  5. Hi Sue,
    Just catching up on your posts over the past couple of weeks. Gee, it was a walk down memory lane for me seeing the pics of Ottawa. I used to go into the city a lot as there was a swimming pool opposite the Chateau used to be the train station and the pool was way down underground. Always went up the tower in the Houses of Parliament as it was the highest that I had ever been as a young girl. Thanks for the memories. Have fun in Montreal, my Dad is buried there.
    Hugs and take care.
    Gillian xx

  6. Whoa, big meals! It was great walking the neighbourhood with you. xx