Thursday 7 April 2016

Easy Burp Cloths/Bathmats etc

With grandchild #7 on the way I want to help ease the costs for his parents ... in the olden days we would throw an unfolded terry nappy/diaper over our shoulders to catch any milky they sell burp cloths which looked cheap and nasty to me so I got cracking on these. I bought 2 brightly coloured thin bath towels and cut off the hemmed edges, then I cut each towel into 6 even pieces.

I had lots of oddments of fabric here and bought a few cheery fat quarters, washed and ironed them and placed them right sides together on the towelling squares

Then I stitched around the edges leaving a hand sized gap...I trimmed off the excess fabric and corners, turned the piece back out so that the right sides were showing, stitched that opening closed and then stitched a quarter inch around the edge. Before long I had a dozen individual cloths which will serve a myriad of uses.

I think they measured about 18 x 14 inches and they cost me $17.50 for the whole dozen!

This technique is also how I make bathmats and pet bedding...just bigger sizes and you can use old towels and clothing to save even more money.

Hope all is well, we're muddling along and had a big family get together on Saturday from which I am still recovering! Will get posting again soon as I have a million old family photos I need to's a wee taste thanks to Dad's cousin Grandad Gardner with 5 of his 6 siblings, they were photographed by the local paper in response to their call for the oldest group of living siblings, Uncle Fred was too far away to come for the photo but here are Annie, John, Betty, Margaret, Jim and Herbert(grandad)

This is a character reference written for Grandad in 1926 by a local businessman, Mr Carr. The writing around the reference is Uncle Alan's explanation and mention of meeting Mr Carr fifteen years later

Big hugs xxx


  1. The burp cloths are very clever, wish I had thought of them when mine were babies. They would make good shower gifts wouldn't they? Very good idea thanks!

  2. Great idea for the burp cloths Sue. Your got lovely ones and it will be very useful. That is so good to see written words about your grandad, it says he was "an old type true gentleman..." Now a days a gentleman can be found but they are only a few. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.