Saturday 30 September 2017

Our Saturday Morning

and I'm still on a high after watching my grandson(16) and his lovely Mum sky-diving.

They jumped in tandem with a very experienced team member and floated down 15,000ft, J was thrilled to tell me he had steered for a period of time and they'd taken a photo as they flew over their home.
Here are a few of my photos...a perfect Spring morning, they landed on the beach in this small drop zone(that's the Kwinana Grain Terminal in the background)

the beach is beside a park dedicated to sub-mariners lost at sea, Dad is reading the plaque...

Monique getting her harness on

  and J. being shown how to land safely

Once they'd watched the first group land and got their harnesses on they went by mini-bus to a small airfield 30 minutes drive away and then flew back to the beach. We watched as the tiny specks opened their chutes and floated towards he comes...

Her face says it all...

packing up the parachutes after the jump...

Monique is still on a high...

It was a brilliant morning, I took many photos of my grandson too but as he is still a minor I do not want to show his lovely face on the internet.
I think they'll be saving to jump again ;)

Hope you're weekend is going well, it's pizza night here and the Australian Rules Football Grand Final is on TV at the moment,
Love from Sue


  1. Hmmm they are so brave, Sue. I wouldn't dare jump out of a plane. LOL!

  2. Way to go!!! Fantastic to watch them as you did. Surely a day to remember. My daughter bungie jumps and loves it.

  3. At first glance of this post Sue I thought you had jumped. Your Grandson and his Mum are super brave. Well done to them both. So great too they did this together as what an experience. They shared it - Mother and Son xx.

  4. Oh brilliant! I've always wanted to do that. I envy birds :).

  5. I agree with Chel & Kylie. Your grandson his mom are very brave. I would have a heart attack if I tried skydiving. :)