Thursday 6 September 2018

Abingdon Miniature Village

We had a lovely day out on Sunday at Abingdon Maze and Miniature Village near Mandurah. It was Father's Day here and 2 years to the day of son-in-law Danny's funeral so I wanted to do something for Dad and my daughter and her two younger boys.

There is crazy golf/putt putt included in the entry price, a large and beautifully cared for maze, playgrounds, picnic tables and of course all the lovely model houses and shops...I actually felt quite queasy in the Maze, it was very dis-orientating but the boys loved it...

The established flowering and variegated trees are truly stunning, we were a little early for a lot of the flowering bulbs etc and the roses were still dormant so we'll have to go again!

The Secret Garden...

Who knew Crazy Golf could be so tiring lol...a lot of energy was expended in laughter...I fell over and landed on my daughter who was bending down to pick up my putter...good catch Elizabeth...

A model train runs around this lake...

  you push a button to make it run ...

the train station...

We took a picnic lunch as there is no cafe on the site...saved money too ;)

This is called The Village Green and has a cricket match going on...

 There's never a dull moment with grandsons I am pleased to say...thanks David...

We went for very expensive coffees across the road at a chocolate factory and then headed home via the supermarket to pick up some groceries for my daughter and her family.
It was a tiring and quite emotional day for us all, we missed my Mum and Danny...Eliz was crying in the shower before we got to her house but the boys decided she was just making whale noises and let her be...we laughed later .

Monday was Dad's 85th birthday and we just had a quiet day at home.
Tuesday should have been Priscilla's 35th birthday.

Bye bye for now,
Love Sue

PS Let's finish with a smile and another grandson....Charlie being escorted by security to the taxi after running back into the hotel on a recent holiday


  1. I can tell how sad you all were, Sue. Understandably so too. Big hugs from over here in sunny Queensland.

  2. That's a pretty lake with the train. I am sorry for your losses.

  3. Looks like you have a very energetic grandson! He looks adorable! It's sad not to have those family members with us who has passed away too early. I am glad you all got to go to the miniature village, the place looks so beautiful!