Saturday 8 September 2018

Around the House and Garden

Hi Every-one,

Just a few photos from a busy week...I've decided to knit myself a cardigan for the first time in nearly 40 years...I like to have a small project and a large project going at the same time so I am still knitting the socks and found this free pattern on the Spotlight site, it calls for pure wool but it never really gets that cold here so I chose this yarn called 'Jeans' instead and am using 7mm needles to get the right's so very soft and drapes beautifully...the back is really does look like denim doesn't it?

While outside taking the knitting pic I also snapped the lovely silver beet/chard and some of the parsley that is growing like mad with all the rain this Winter...

I moved the table round and would like to pressure spray the paving soon as it's very grubby, also got the washing on the line at last...have been buying up slightly damaged lanterns mainly from Bunnings, it will look nice when I put some tea-light candles in when it warms up properly...

Carol-Next-Door has been feeding the wild  Indian Doves for years and recently the local galahs have discovered the free feed...they sit up on the TV aerials loudly discussing their business and are surprisingly tame, cocking their heads when I talk to them...

I hope you've had a good week and all is well with you and yours,
Love from Sue


  1. i love your patio. The lanterns give it a very cozy look.
    I hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

  2. I love the pink and grey of galahs, Sue. We often see them here, on the grassy sides of the streets, pecking up grass seeds. We didn't have much rain at all over Winter but Spring has sprung now and we are getting rain and had a storm come through last night. I will plant out some cucumbers today and finish potting up some petunias. Meg:)

  3. Oh, those birds are so pretty! I love the shades of pink. Your sweater looks lovely. Glad to hear you are knitting something for yourself. The parsley and chard look so green and lush!

  4. One day I'd love to learn to knit my own cardigan and jumpers. It's not quite the season for me with 2 little kids but it's on the bucket list. Look forward to seeing how yours turns out.
    We have resident Magpies at our place that hover around whenever we are outside with food. We also feed them scraps in the backyard that they fly in for, rewarding us with a beautiful song or 2.

  5. It all looks good at your place Sue.

    I never thought to use a pressure cleaner on the pavers, what a great idea! I usually just sweep, sweep, sweep, and it takes me quite a while, then the wind blows it all back again lol!

    Lovely knitting as usual, good to see what is on your needles and pleased you are making something for yourself :)

    I love it when the wildlife drop in, they can become pests though and bring more of there mates around for a feed haha!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,