Monday 15 October 2018

Easy, Super Malay Style Curry for the Crockpot

This recipe looked too good to be true when I saw it on Facebook yesterday, I had around 600gms of blade steak in the fridge and an urge for curry. It's rare that we eat such a lot of meat in one meal so it was quite a treat. Here is the link

Slow Cooker Malaysian Beef Curry 

It made 4 large serves and we ate it with turmeric rice, a simple salsa and plain yoghurt and I loved the fact that nothing had to be browned first, saves time and dish-washing.

My adaptation as follows

500 -600 gms stewing beef(I think chicken pieces or just vegies/beans would be great too)
250mls of coconut cream~our tins contain 400 mls so I freeze the remainder
1 large, finely chopped onion and I will add 2t ginger paste next time too
1/2 teaspoon chilli powder
1 teaspoon each of ground cardamon, Chinese 5 spice, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric.
2 teaspoons of ground coriander
4 whole cloves
3-4 medium potatoes
large handful of leafy greens

Simply mix everything except the potatoes and leaves in the crock-pot and turn it on to Auto~ my crock-pot starts on high for 2 hrs and then turns itself down to low.
After an hour I added the potatoes, unpeeled and roughly chopped

This beef was cooked in 5 hours, I used Aldi's blade steak at $10 a kilo, so once the meat is tender stir in your leaves, I had baby spinach and add lots of salt.
Happy eating!

Last Sunday we had this beautiful free range chicken; it fed us several meals...roast, enchiladas and sandwiches and then I made stock from the bones and some lovely sweet potato and red lentil soup with that. There are lots of small/new potatoes in the shops now it's Spring, I love them!

I have knitting and garden photos to post as well as some genealogy so will get on to that shortly.
Have a wonderful week
Love from Sue xx


  1. Mmmm sounds delicious, Sue.
    I might try this with chicken. I don't have store bought Chinese 5 spice, so I have to make it first. :)

    1. it was all I could do to stop myself eating the whole lot straight from the cooker lol I couldn't find my 5-spice so used 2 teaspoons of the hoisin sauce I have to eat with the Pho ;) xx

  2. The curry sounds fantastic. I must try the recipe. I was looking at your vegetable pasties as well. I made them once and they were really tasty. I must try them again.
    The next lot of posts sound very interesting. Can't wait

  3. I love reading your posts they are always so interesting and love the recipes you include.