Thursday 18 October 2018

My New Cardigan

I found some beautiful yarn in Spotlight called Jeans because it looks like denim. It was half price at the time so I went 'hog wild' (says Joe) and bought 9 balls/900gms intending it to be a Summer project. I didn't know how beautiful it was to knit with at that point and finished the whole cardigan in less than 3 very soft and luxurious for an acrylic yarn and see how it looks like denim...

I downloaded a free pattern from Spotlight, they have quite a few and they are quite modern too and here is the finished cardi...Free Pattern

When I went back to choose some suitable buttons the big ones I needed would have worked out at $20...almost as much as the garment so I came away disappointed and empty handed. However several days later I came these wooden buttons from 'Timber and Thread' in a different part of Spotlight and snapped them up for $1.50.

I used less than 600gms for the cardigan (and the sleeves are a little long) so I had enough to make this little vest which is very warm...I already had the pretty floral buttons from Buttons B Busy , a local Mum with a small home-based crochet and button business...this was also a free pattern from DROPS designs, large size

Now I am stalking the knitting department waiting for this yarn to come down in price again!
It's called Jeans Yarn and there is a gorgeous soft 'baby blue' I'd really like next :)

I'm still undecided about what to do with the wonderful surprise package of Jennet wool I received from my cousins Fiona and Joff generous of them and I want to do it they are with the lovely Kate from Northern Yarn(Kate is wearing her new 'Carbeth' knit which is one of Kate Davies many clever designs)...

I have 300gms of 4ply wool to use and cherish so will keep searching for that 'perfect' pattern.
Have also cast on a red jacket for myself while I think about the Jennet wool lol.
Ciao for now,
Love from Sue


  1. Sue, your cardigan looks lovely and I can't wait to see the red jacket when you have finished. You are such a clever little vegemite.

  2. Oh that wool is truly lovely! I can see why you fell in love with it. I envy everyone who can knit so well!


  3. Gorgeous colour cardigan, Sue. It sounds like you are quite the knitter, a cardigan in three weeks! It takes me that long to knit a washcloth:D MegXx

  4. beautiful cardigan! lovely 'jeans' hope it is warm, (prefer pure wool or cotton myself) good looking vest too; just been browsing the net for a 'biker's cowl/neck-warmer, had a couple ask me do i knit them this last winter & told them i would look it up & hopefully have some out next year.
    knitting is so relaxing & so satisfying when you complete a garment.
    thanx for sharing

  5. I love both. They look so comfortable and soft.

  6. Those are beautiful. I'm working on a Carbeth right now. (Well, I'm supposed to be...)I've been getting distracted with pot holders for Christmas presents. Great that you found a deal on the buttons. They can be very expensive.