Tuesday 8 January 2019

Happy New Year

Hallo my friends, just a few photos to post and to wish you all a Happy New Year/Bon Annee!

We had a nice quiet Christmas and are just pottering along, this Summer has been mild so far compared to some we've experienced.

My old barbecue looked quite charming in the early morning light after I'd watered all the pot plants...I spray painted it this bright blue last year, inside the hood behind the front pots is a great space for storing tools and pots. My chandelier and birdcage were rescued from the verge where they'd been out discarded as rubbish...(grrr)

the silverbeet is still going well although I have given up on growing tomatoes as the little green caterpillars are relentless and I won't use pesticides...

Have also become as obsessive knitter these days...lots of socks...these are Winwick Mum's free pattern, I have used Bendigo Woolen Mills 4ply Merino and Nylon yarn for these socks for Joe...Christine has blocked hers but I don't feel it's necessary...

I made a second Feather and Fan stitch scarf with the Jennet wool from Northern Yarns in Lancaster , the first one was posted back to Lancaster to my cousins who sent me the wool...

and Spotlight had that gorgeous Jeans yarn on special again so Charlie will have two posh jumpers this Winter lol...it has some nice wooden buttons on it now...it's such a soft acrylic and a delight to knit with...pattern is free of course from ravelry, Meabh's Cardigan (isn't she a cutie, Charlie wouldn't wear the hat so I'm not making that...am also making a complicated French pattern for him and am knitting the collar for the third time as I watch tennis on telly...

Dad is doing quite well but now I'm making him 7 meals a week, it's a challenge as he needs small meals of soft foods and is rather fussy, I plate it up on a bread and butter plate and write what it is, when to eat it and hot or cold otherwise he will just eat rubbish and then have indigestion again! Cue really bad photo...

In other news our dear Rhonda has been unwell but is in great spirits and has started her blog again, just if and when she feels like writing, I can't tell you how much influence her simple lifestyle has had on me and many thousands of others, do have a look if you haven't already...

Always leave them laughing...Charlie is now just the right height for his ole Nana to lean on lol
Christmas Day <3 My tablecloth is a length of Christmas fabric from last January when it was 75% off the original price. I forgot to get the crackers/bonbons out so that's one thing less we'll need to buy this year lol

Keep well and be happy,
Love Sue


  1. You have been very productive Sue. Your knitting is awesome. Love the detail on the back of the cardy.

  2. love Winwick Mums socks! I hope to get her books sometime in the new year; have made plain & her easy lace socks & did a ribbed pair to her techniques; am making an Anne Budd pair atm & trying to use circular needles! they are so TINY!
    gorgeous cardigan/jacket there, love the cable details. Charlie will look very regal in that!
    lovely post
    thanx for sharing

  3. Happy new year to you and all your clan. I hope 2019 brings peace, happiness and fruitfulness to you.
    Good on you for the socks. I keep on saying I'll give them a try but haven't done so yet .
    You're a marvellous knitter

  4. Hi Sue, Beautiful work. I love the socks and sweaters. That meal for your dad looks delicious, too.

  5. Happy New year to you and your family Sue.

    I love your chandelier. It's so pretty. :)