Thursday 17 January 2019

A Rainbow In My Garden

Hallo there, I'm just 'playing' with the camera and trying to improve my photos ahead of a holiday soon, I've walked around the garden and found a rainbow of delights...would like to learn to use a collage 'thing' for Windows 8 but Joe is at the dentist and I'm scared of downloading a virus etc even though we're fully protected by Norton!

Let's see what this looks like anyway, the camera is a Fuji Finepix S4000...

Red rose~Papa Meilland
Orange hibiscus~unknown name but it is as big as a plate!
Yellow~ pansy
Green~passion fruit leaves
Blue~ that sky today
Indigo and Violet~lobelia and a pansy, these are my favourite colours I think.

At school we learned to remember the order of the colours of the rainbows by remembering this gent's name~~~ Roy G. Biv. It still works for me after 50 years 😉

Aren't we fortunate to be able to see these delights?
Love from Sue


  1. What a good way to remember the colours, Sue! I was thinking today that I should get out my two new cameras and learn how to use them instead of relying on my very old camera. Just so set in my ways. I have a little and a big camera just waiting for me to learn how to use the settings. LOL!

  2. lol Oh Chel! I post such rubbish pics at times and it's lazyness in most cases...I do find the big camera a bit heavy though which puts me off using it. I've changed the settings and am happier with it now xx

  3. You have wonderful colours in your garden Sue. It is all looking lovely and your camera captured them beautifully!

    Roy G Biv is how we remember the rainbow colours too :)


    1. thanks's looking at lovely blogs like yours that makes me want to lift my game.
      Have a lovely weekend

  4. Your garden is so colorful Sue.
    I love the shade of the red rose.

  5. thanks's very hot today but the flowers are loving it...the red rose looks like velvet to me xx

  6. Nice to see images of flowers and blue skies...we are covered in snow and temps are -14.4 Celsius. We had lots of cloudy days but today we got to see the sun thank goodness! Beautiful hibiscus!