Sunday 13 January 2019

Knitted Hearts

I made a few knitted hearts last month to decorate gifts...they can then be kept as Christmas tree decorations or as I like to do hang them from door handles around the house...they are quick to knit and use minimal wool...

these are gifts for our grand-daughters, musical tins of shortbread from kept tinkling even when it was wrapped up! Can you see that one is wrapped upside down too...never a dull moment around here lol I used wrapping paper this year because I found 3 full rolls at Dad's house that Mum bought years ago...

  The pattern I used is here: it's a ravelry pattern by Amanda Berry. Have you joined ravelry? It's completely free to join and has thousands of free patterns, tutorials and groups for knitting and crochet, I love it.

I did like this Christmas Day photo, Charlie is obviously tall enough for me to lean on now and Bree never stopped laughing, we had all sorts of treats for dinner, oysters, king fish that Bree treated with lime juice and served raw, prawns, ham, turkey, gozleme and our favourite salads of course.

 The top of the china cabinet looks like a museum setting, the clock is from around 1905, the photo from 1955, the robin is by Beswick China and is rather battered these days, the china on the right is from the UK in 2000, Auntie Brenda bought me the watering can. I don't know how old the crystal vase is but it's quite unusual in that it has a crystal base or foot...the card was Joe's anniversary card to me...he excelled him himself this time ;)

I took Dad to see the specialist on Friday about the hernia that was noticed last time he was in hospital in appears that most of his stomach is above his diaphragm now instead of below it! It's not causing any pain and the surgery would be too risky at his age but he will need to get to hospital very quickly if he feels ill or pain. Old age is not for sissies is it?

So on that cheerful note I shall leave you...oh! our new neighbours have planted some roses...these almost match the ones on my china...

Bye bye xxx


  1. Love the hearts Sue. They look lovely added to the parcels. My mum made similar ones years ago and added smelly stuff inside them to put in the wardrobes. I think I still have one here somewhere, although the smell would be well and truly gone by now. I think she used lavender :)

    I love the pretties on your cabinet, and those roses are gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear your dad is not able to have an operation for his hernia. Hope all goes well for him and no pain.

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Those hearts are so cute.
    I love your china with pretty roses. And the clock. I love old things. :)

  3. Oh, those roses are so gorgeous! Such a luscious shade of pink. I like your hand knit hearts. Yes, I'm on Ravelry, too, and I love it. Yes, I know what you mean about old age.

  4. I find patterns on Ravelry too, Sue. Love your hand knitted hearts. I tried a hand knitted star before xmas but couldn't get it knitted up properly. It was rather wonky! Meg

    1. I think this pattern would be easier than stars, Meg...have a go when you have time.
      Tania mentioned her scented ones from days gone by...a few dry cloves right in the middle might be nice xx