Tuesday 19 July 2011

Making Soap at Home

Today is the 1st anniversary of making my own soap. I've made 7 batches in this time, enough to keep Joe and myself clean as well as sharing it around with family and friends.

The cost for a plain soap is about 80cents a bar and is mild and gentle with the glycerine intact unlike commercial soap where it is removed and sold separately resulting in a drying soap. The cost of the essential oils is quite high but makes bathing a much more pleasurable experience. Joe loves his Man Soap which is a mix of 4 teaspoons each of patchouli and cinnamon oils with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon stirred in to give it a nice purple colour.

I use Rhonda's Cold Pressed Soap recipe and am using 2 x 2litre ice-cream tubs with baking paper as the soap keeps sticking in my lovely molds and needs digging out!

These last ones are scented with Sweet Orange Essential Oil and coloured with ground turmeric.

Confession...after posting about my huge wool stash I bought more. ( lol )  150gms of lambswool blend for $3 at the Red Cross Shop was too much temptation and a Milo is on the needles for Miss Megan :)


  1. Sue, I make enough to give away too. People seem to love homemade soap. Yours looks lovely. I like your embellishments. Do you use a mould or a stamp?

  2. Hi Rhonda...these are mostly made in molds but when I simply use a plastic tub and cut the soap into blocks I have a sweet moon stamp that I use like you do yours.

  3. Hi Sue: I love your soaps..especially the one with the added mix in it...in the second photo...Keep up the soap making..it sure is a good thing.