Wednesday 17 August 2011

On This Day, August 17th in 2008

....we went to the beach! What's so interesting about that....well it was the middle of winter here but you couldn't tell that from these lovely photographs. The weather forecast for today is strong winds and rain!

What every best dressed baby was wearing that day!

Audrey Hepburn turned up too...kissed her grand-parents and then applied sunscreen to the various children.

My daughter-in-laws to be improved their boating skills before being 'rescued' by 2 strong surfies....
Bonnie and Gypsy enjoyed the break from their usual routine too...

and the older folks got to enjoy the Best Show on Earth...4 generations of their family having fun together.

Pelicans flew back and forth to the small offshore islands and a pod of dolphins came into the bay but were too quick to photograph properly.....
Can you see all the pelicans resting on Penguin Island?
It was a really special day.

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