Thursday 21 March 2013

Bit of a Break

Just having a bit of a break from blogging as the weather is cooler and I can get out into the garden at last.

Joe lost another brother this week, RIP Denis.

Our best news though is that Priscilla's baby is a little boy and will be named Liam. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. Priss is feeling quite well right now and very excited to be having a son at last to complete her family.

16 weeks and kicking now

We're still eating very frugal meals packed with vegies but we nearly had a blow-out 2 nights ago when I made my best shepherd's pie ever and we could have eaten the whole thing in one sitting lol! I have been able to put a little bit into our savings account as we HAVE to get to Canada next year I hope!

Speaking of money...Mandy's group raised over $30,000 for cancer research by shaving their heads on Sunday and being she is on the right...champagne was mentioned too lol

Well done ladies and gents!

I took Cody, Caleb and David to Chipmunks on Saturday and we had a ball. Elizabeth reported this conversation with David a few days later...
"When we were filling the bath up tonight David was talking about may or may not have something to do with going to Chipmunks again. He sez "I like Nana," and after a thoughtful pause he tilts his head like a puppy. "You like Nana?" 
"I DO like know she's my Mummy, right?" 
"Ye-eah!" lots of nodding "She's my mummy too." 

Mummy's are awesome. 

And then they threw their clothes everywhere and flooded the bathroom floor and we sang "How much is that PIGGY in the window." 

So that's all for now,
Love from Sue

This is an interesting link, it explains why ants are so valuable to us but also how to control them 'safely' if they're invading walls etc.


  1. Yeah, it is nice to be a liked mummy. My grandsons call me mama all the time and have often called my daughter (their mom) Grammy. I think they get mixed up because our voices are nearly identical and we are both so gosh darn loveable! Yep.

  2. Awe.... so precious XO Priss - you look wonderful!!!!! Your precious boy is an absolute miracle - I can hardly wait to see pictures of him :)

  3. Priscilla looks great with that little baby bump. Bless her and that sweet boy, Liam is a good strong name for him. I know you will get to Canada to meet him, a determined Gramma cannot be stopped. Wishing you a great week, Hedy