Tuesday 12 March 2013

Food, Food, Glorious, Food

Goodness me, I love to eat! Even though I'm constantly trying to find the thriftiest ways to feed Joe and I we both agree that our meals are delicious. They're almost always cooked from scratch here at home from a wide variety of ingredients, seasonal vegies, a little meat and beans and lentils feature proudly.

Some of  the food for our afternoon tea was bought separately from my grocery money but a lot was already here. I made potted cheese from the "Lark Rise To Candleford Recipe Book", this recipe probably goes back to the earliest days of cheese production and is delicious and thrifty too. This is my all-time favourite book, the autobiography of a woman in rural 19th century England, I read it again and again...

Potted Cheese...
More a method than a recipe really

grated cheese, (here you can use up any scraps you have, the bit that's in freezer "just in case"; this is where the thrift comes in)
weigh the cheese and mix in about 1/3 it's weight of butter, eg if you have 180gms of cheese then use 60gms of butter.
add a splash of Worcester sauce, a smidge of mustard, a shake of mace or nutmeg and pepper to taste
that's it!

It's lovely on crackers or toast...

Other thrifty meals this week/end have been a celery, pumpkin and barley soup, a vegetable curry from here with an added 2-3 tablespoons of red lentils and chives from the garden, leftover beef and bean stew from the freezer and a treat, a small rump steak for $5 that did 4 meals!
Today I'm making a pork mince(250gms), green lentil and potato curry and perhaps some scones. The scones freeze well and use much less fat and sugar than cakes or biscuits so cost less to make and Joe loves them with some strawberry jam!

At the forum there is chat about a challenge in May to feed yourself for 5 days on $10. It's a fundraiser and hopefully an eye-opener to show how so many people do have to eat, even here in wealthy western countries. Have a look at the menus and ideas
Live Below The Line
As pensioners paying rent Joe and I are right on the poverty line but prove it is possible to live well on much less money.

Here's a nice salad lunch we had recently...home-made coleslaw and bread and butter pickles and a little cheddar cheese...lovely with a slice of home-made bread

The morning after the night before when Twitch was more awake he explored the gazebo for quite some time...was he looking for the children?

and my Peace rose has begun flowering again...

Well I did say yesterday I had lots to tell you...phew!
Hope your week is going along OK
Love from Sue

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  1. I think i would have to agree. Since we are doing it tough financially as hubby lost job two days before Christmas, we are actually eating better. I am more focused on our menu and turning leftovers into completely different meals. More is going into the freezer and actually come back out instead of being there for a year and becoming an unrecognisable blob to be thrown out. Of course, we now have a veggie garden (i think God knew this was going to happen and inspired me last August to get on with building it instead of just talking). We dont get a huge amount out of it but it inspires alot of meals that we wouldnt have had. eg zuchinni slice. Cant wait for chooks later in the year.