Tuesday 26 March 2013

Trip is Booked!

Well Hedy you were right with your comment that we would get there!

Have booked for 5 weeks over August and September and will mostly stay with Priscilla and Will as well as visits to Montreal to see older family and friends. Things there will be different as there have been 4 divorces and 3 deaths in 4 years in Joe's family which is very sad.

Priscilla continues to keep well and has a very active little boy kicking away within her womb...18 weeks now...

I popped into the op-shop looking for bamboo knitting needles to use on the plane as we'll be in transit for around 40 hours each way...that's mind boggling and body numbing but will be worth it. I glanced at the linens and spotted this brand new, hand-made cot quilt for $3...I couldn't pay for it and get out of there fast enough...I'm sure Priscilla will put it to good use...

Our weather has gone completely crackers, it's March and we've had much cooler temps and thunderstorms for 2 weeks now and it's a bit scary to see the snowstorms still going in the Northern Hemisphere. Where's that ground hog??

The shops are full of chocolate eggs and alcohol bargains, must get our priorities right and make sure we have plenty to drink! We don't celebrate Easter at all but it is a certain Mother's birthday next week so that will be lovely ;)

Must go and do some cleaning, the bread is almost baked and smells so good. Twitch and I rounded up 81 snails this morning as they love to come out when it's wet, I drown them in warm soapy water which is far safer than throwing snail pellets around the garden.

Keep warm and dry today, hope you didn't get blown away at golf this morning, Mum,
Love from Sue


  1. Her tummy looks so cute! I still remember the days I was pregnant. Blessings to her and baby!! Is she you daughter Sue?

  2. Hi Angela, Priscilla has been my step-daughter for almost 12 years and I love her dearly

  3. Cute belly, cool trip. Lots of time to plan, especially how you are going to get all of the stuff you will surely have for Priscilla. Just saying.

  4. So excited for you that your trip is booked!!! Let the countdown begin :) Great picture of Priscilla and her little one in her tummy. :)