Friday 12 April 2013

A Few Photos

Had a rather quiet week and today has been overcast and drizzly which is such a relief after highs in the mid-30s!
I noticed the neighbours passionfruit vine has lots of flowers on it now and then better still I saw the first fruit...our neighbours have told us to help ourselves to any fruit that grows on our side of the fence...

The parcel delivery van came this afternoon the yarn that Wendy had offered me last week, I knew it was coming but didn't realise how much there would be...I see numerous baby blankets in my future and am very grateful to her...

 Cousin Bob and his three teenage 'children' have been in the Lake District this week, I loved this photo of Rebecca and Alex, they were within 300ft of the summit of Coniston Old Man but ice and the lack of crampons meant they had to come down again...

Christina, the youngest, was also there, here she is representing Great Britain at judo...

I have to write up another low cholesterol cake recipe next and I made some sourdough muffins two days ago. My presentation is as bad as ever but they did taste very good lol I used this starter is still not really ready to make a loaf of bread but I am much inspired by Sandra's photos on Facebook

Talk about warts and all lol!

Bye bye for now,
I hope that Elizabeth and Kath's family get well very soon, they're all suffering from severe colds at opposite sides of the world!
Love, Sue


  1. Those muffins look good to me!

  2. Sue, those blooms are lovely, I've never seen passion fruit blooming. My Aussie daughter loves them. Both your breads sound yum, too. I will try your recipes soon. we like our burgers on those sourdough muffins. We've been doing a kitchen makeover here the last two weeks, much improved but oh so tiring. The bathroom is next, we old folks are needing a step-in shower, not a step-over tub! and the vinyl flooring from the 70s has to go. I trust your trip plans are moving along nicely, praying you find a nice, healthy baby and momma upon your arrival. Take care, Hedy