Tuesday 30 April 2013

On Being a Grandparent

Rhonda has written an especially meaningful blog post today on her pleasure of being Grandma to Jamie and Alex, you can read it here

As you know our 13th grandchild is on his way and sadly for us 6 of them are in Canada and many miles away so we're looking forward to finally meeting Phoenix, Megan, Austin and Liam later this year.

Yesterday and today I am caring for Jess(10) and Livvie(8)and yesterday we visited my parents...Dad took the girls out in the golf cart to the nearby golf club for an hour or so. Then we did my grocery shopping with the girls fetching almost everything I needed and listening to me talk about the importance of free-range eggs and not using plastic bags! Jess read poetry to me while I prepared dinner and then they both went outside to climb trees and the brick letterbox!

They took lots of photos with their i-pod thingies so I will have to add some of them at a later date. Today we're going to visit Mandy and Jordan and that will be lovely, it's the second week of school holidays here.

Elizabeth's Caleb and David have been unwell with coughs and colds but David doesn't have the hooping cough that Eliz had recently but Caleb has tonsillitis and anti-biotics and finally a doctor who wants him back in a week to establish whether he will need to have his tonsils removed as it is a frequent illness for him.

Priscilla is now 23 weeks along and looking very well as you can see below...she's taking a self-portrait photo every Sunday so that we have a nice record for Liam one day...

I feel very blessed.

I'll be making lentil soup this morning and chicken and salad sandwiches for lunch so I'd better get a wriggle on!
Love to you all,


  1. I love hearing about all of those lovely children! I am also liking the new image at the top of the page.

    Charlie sends his best to Twitch.

  2. Sue, I enjoyed Rhonda's post yesterday and this one from you, as grandchildren are my Joy. We have six, three of each, from 29-8. They have adding light and love to our lives. Praying for Priscilla, Liam and your family. Hedy.

  3. LOVELY pics!!!! Such a beautiful family you have, and BOY won't you be thrilled to see everyone in Canada???? Priss looks wonderful XOXOX

  4. I hope to have grandchildren some day. I think all my friends that are my age have them. My daughter got married last year so let's hope for a baby some day. This was a very sweet post Sue. Hugs for you and wishing you a lovely weekend.