Monday 8 April 2013

Happy Birthday, Jessica

My goodness, April is a busy month in our family and today we celebrate Jessie's 10th birthday. The time has flown by and when I watch her playing tee-ball and soccer, climbing trees or gently caring for younger cousins and friends it's hard to comprehend that she is my granddaughter.

So I send all my love to you today, Miss Jessica, have a wonderful day and my best wishes for a great year ahead.
With cousin her hand-knitted dress...I love Jake's face in this photo...

2yrs old, at the library with me...I sent this photo into Take 5 magazine and it was published...

two very excited flower girls...Olivia(3) and Jessica(5)

aged 6 yrs and learning to sew, also with me...knitting has been less successful lol

In goals playing soccer last winter...

Have a wonderful day, Sweetheart


  1. This blog is going to be a wonderful gift to your family when they are older. My Mum is 83 and im becoming mindful of passing time. She must think im nuts because i keep calling and asking advice, or remember when, or or or. Its usually old recipe's she used to make. As a country cook it all came out of her head so im trying to drag it all out of her. She says shes cool being older shes just frustrated by a body that wont do what she wants it to. I am not cool with it - she must live forever, and thats it! Happy Birthday to your grandaughter. I was just thinking about how she will be able to look back on your blog and read how much you loved her. How Special. A diary with pictures.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JESSICA! XOXOX What a lovely young lady you are. My own daughter Paige is 10, too! Yeah for double digits!!! Have a lovely day sweetie XO

  3. Belated happy birthday!! I have not been feeling well thus lost lots of posts from the blogs I follow. Try to catch up now!! When I thought I may get a chance to get better I now got a very bad cold, bronquitis, sinus infection. It is all part of living in Northern US where upper respiratory infecctions are common. Hope your granddaughter had a marvelous birthday and what a beautiful girl she is! I am wishing for a grandchild someday soon!