Friday 3 May 2013

Some Autumn Photos

We really just glide and slide gently from season to season in this area. The days grow longer as Autumn begins and eventually the temperature drops to the most enjoyable low 20s. Yesterday was very windy and we had a few showers but today is sunny and calm. Here are my photos from yesterday...

my hibiscus has twins!!!... there are lots of buds to open too

you can see the lovely new fence in the background...

                                                                         say cheese

see how the wind was blowing the Cape Lilacs?

the passionfruit vine that grows over the fence from our neighbour's garden is 'dripping' with fruit now, they'll turn yellow when ripe and I have counted over 30 fruit for us to enjoy...

The dill went to seed in it's pot in early summer and seedlings are coming up all over...yum!

Joe went to meet his friend to play chess yesterday afternoon and had a great time.

With Twitch's new and improved diet he is having a lot more fresh greens and fewer pellets but he doesn't eat all of the stalks so I was left with a big bag of choy sum and silverbeet stalks. Google came to the rescue and showed me a very simple braise to make with them, I added a pinch of fresh chilli and it is delicious and frugal too. Lovely!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, the children go back to school next week so please take care on the roads.


  1. beautiful flower photos, enjoy weekend.

  2. Sweet bunnyboy. cannot be Autumn, I just turned off the furnace a month ago.

  3. Beautiful hibiscus! Love the gorgeous colours.

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

  4. Beautiful flowers! I love the passion fruit plant. In the house I grow up we had some passion fruit growing in the back yard. It brought back memories.