Sunday 19 May 2013

Picking Olives (Again)

After visiting a friend recently I noted that there many fully laden olives trees growing on street verges in her area. I asked if was OK to pick them as they seemed to be just falling and rotting on the ground and she assured that it was. BUT I was too shy about going by myself for I had the brainwave of inviting Jess and Livvie. I asked Gord on the phone, he turned and asked them if they'd like to help me and I heard loud cheers and "Yes yes yesses."
Then I heard a little voice ask "What are olives?"

I arranged to pick them at 10am the following morning and Gordie sent word that they ready to go at 8.10am lol So off we went. I was too busy picking to remember to take photos, Olivia saw a mouse and I saw a wasp's nest, they wandered off to look at the creek and came dashing when back like startled deer after 2 wild ducks took to the air close to them!

our haul...after we'd also picked limes and lemons from Mum's lovely neighbour's trees...

We filled the bucket to the brim and then decided to visit Ma and Pa. Livvie wondered out loud if they'd be able to get the golf cart out for a ride and I explained that Saturday is Men's Day and the golf course would be very busy and unsafe. Undeterred she plotted to "use my cutest face and then Granddad will say yes! Have you got your cutest face on, Jess?"

On the way we had to wait for a goods train and counted 56 wagons...that took ages and then I noticed a lot of motor cycle riders coming up behind us. I pulled over to watch them go by and the camera had flat batteries so no pics there either! Jessie counted 64 in all.

The batteries were flat because some people had been taking self-portraits...

Granddad was suitably soft when asked about the golf cart and the three of them spent half an hour riding around the big front garden

The girls then decided they'd like to eat some lemons and sugar ...not quite as good an idea as it sounds judging by Liv's face...we oldies laughed our heads off at their antics...

Then home again and I took a couple of garden photos, I can't believe how many beautiful big passion-fruits are growing on the vine now...

 So that was our Saturday along with lots of knitting and football watching on the telly. I even bought fish and chips for the first time in many months.
 I especially enjoyed Frugal Queen's home cooking post last week and dreamed I had made her oven baked scotch eggs...I'd better make that dream come true very soon.

How is your weekend going? Busy or calm? Sunny or wet?
Love from Sue


  1. I'm glad you went and got those olives Sue, it would be too awful to let them drop and rot. I needed to passionfruit this morning and had to pay 49c each, so enjoy yours off the vine! We really must get a vine in.

  2. That is wonderful to have all those olives! Great gift. Those portraits are awesome!
    We had a thunder storm last night. Lots of lightning and also some rail.
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. I love that kind of day with my grandkids, they dont happen often enough. And those olives! Oh my, love to have an olive tree close by. Havent seen one in Indiana though. I enjoyed your soup/fridge post, I like to do that too. Of course we are just going into summer here so hot soup isnt as tasty now. Brisbane Daughter says they are enjoying the crisp weather. Steve got a pretty good report from oncologist last week, only one active tumor at this time, besides the one in his lung. We celebrate small wins :-) I just know you are getting anxious for your big journey! Hedy