Wednesday 8 May 2013

Elizabeth's Motorcycle Paintings

I promised to post these, especially for J. Elizabeth worked from photos using very tiny paintbrushes and her preferred acrylic paints, the details are amazing...

Her rider is Casey Stoner and you can read more about him here .

We have a few days of strong winds and storms this week and the coolest day-time temp for many months...20C will suit me just fine! Perfect weather for staying indoors and I have a nice pork joint that I'm going to do in the slow cooker and serve with apple sauce etc.
 I'm also very busy with knitting for all the babies that family and friends are expecting, can you believe that 3 of them are all due on the same day? I can't show you my work as "they" will see it and that will spoil my surprise!

So stay warm and dry if you live locally, have a wonderful Wednesday,
Love from Sue

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