Tuesday 14 May 2013

An Upside-down Plum Cake...

...without the usual buttery and sweet goo on the fruit(sorry). Fresh plums are very cheap at Spud Shed this week, $3 per kilo, so I bought 6 with the idea of making some sort of plum cake with them. The plums were huge so I only used 3 and had to chop them up a bit...

It's a food processor recipe and that makes it very easy and quick too, it will be lovely served warm with ice-cream.

Here is the recipe, I used raw sugar as that's all I have at the moment. It is sooooooo good lol A keeper for certain!

The Habanero chillies are almost fully ripe...their fruit is extremely hot so a little goes a very long way...I already have a jar of sauce made from them that will last me all winter so I think I'll pass these along to my sons who both love cooking and chillies!

Hope all is well and thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday about my baby knitting, it's really very satisfying as baby clothes knit up so quickly, I've just finished another Pebbles vest today!

Bye bye for now,
Love, Sue


  1. Mmmm the plum cake looks yummy Sue. I took my Mothers Day book to show the girls at golf today---it's so beautiful and something to keep forever. Love you XX

  2. Im imagining it with thick warm custard. Yum

  3. Oh yum! I was just looking for a plum cake recipe as I have some plums waiting to be used. I might try the recipe this weekend.

  4. oh that looks lovely!

    and your header photos is so lovely, love the bunnies and all that vintage chgina!!

    leanne x

  5. Thanks for sharing the link to Cake and Calico - glad you liked the yummy plum cake! Louise x :-D