Wednesday 2 October 2013


not a post but a quick hallo as Joe is in hospital being treated for an abscess in his hand and that coupled with all the traveling and jet lag etc has given me no time at all to scratch myself, think or  post and keep in touch. Bear with me, normal programming will resume shortly ;)

Edited to add that Joe came home this afternoon and is quite well...eating like a horse but I think he'll be having an early night tonight!
Thanks for all your loving messages too, they really matter when the chips are down


  1. Lovely to have you back again, Sue. I'm sorry that Joe is in a bit of strife. Hopefully the abscess will heal quickly. Take it easy and we will 'see' you soon! We have missed you on the DTE forum.

  2. Sorry to hear this Sue, hope Joe recovers quickly and your life settles back down xx

  3. Oh Sue, hope that Joe is better soonest, and home again. Take care of yourself as well. Love Lorraine xxx

  4. I pray your husband is feeling better and healing well. Take care!

  5. Give Joe my best. What a thing to happen. Better back at home, but never good.

    Are you taking enough naps? I am sure that Twitch would love some extra cuddle time.