Thursday 10 October 2013

Mandurah Revisited

I was supposed to have an appt to give blood today but it was cancelled yesterday. We'd been looking forward to going to Mandurah and having fish and chips after the appt so we went anyway! Just like that! We had the senior's meal at Cicerello's again, seafood chowder, fish, chips and coleslaw, tea or coffee and a small piece of black forest cake.

Then we walked along to the bridge and back, stopping to look around the graveyard of Christ's Church, Mandurah which dates back to 1870. There are some older graves on the site so there must have been an earlier church there, perhaps a wooden one. Thomas Peel who is the (white) founder of our region is buried there as well as several other pioneers. There is also the anchor off a ship named James Service which sank on a reef off Mandurah with all aboard being drowned. One grave belongs to a 14yr old girl, who died in 1937 from a motor cycle accident.

Twitch was left at home on guard rabbit duties...

looks innocent enough?

there are many houseboats on the Murray River, I'd love a holiday on one

new buildings

and the very old, my preference by a country mile!

Thomas Peel's grave, he was born near Blackburn in Lancashire. His cousin Robert Peel founded the London police Force, the bobbies were called "Peelers" after him!

new life in the centre of this native palm

the anchor from the wrecked ship

early pioneers, there is a street named after them in Mandurah

Then I decided to try a few shots in black and white...

 and then a bit of excitement....the lovely pelican I showed you earlier went "nuts" and chased this young woman trying to get the huge hot-dog from her was like a scene from funniest home videos...pelican won and swallowed it in one big gulp! Perhaps it thought it looked like a big fish!

 So we had a nice day out, had a decent walk too. Tomorrow the rain is expected again which is good for the tomatoes, zucchini, silverbeet, kale and basil that I planted 2 weeks ago.

Thank you for all your lovely comments,
Take good care of yourselves,
Love from Sue

PS these guys are out on the back lawn again...they are so cute, we call them Twenty-Eight Parrots.. to me it sounds like they are calling "Ricky" when they call to each other!


  1. It looks like a nice day Sue, great photos.

  2. Gorgeous! A day out is a wonderful pick me up, isn't it? XO

  3. Looks like a great place to visit.

  4. Thank you for the tour - I love the history of places and you live in one of my 'bucket list' destinations. So fun!