Tuesday 22 October 2013

Feeding The Squirrels In Montreal

Probably not really a good thing as wild animals can quickly become dependent on us and also become a bit of a nuisance but I do love the squirrels in Canada and the UK.  As soon as we paused on our walk to take some photos of the park the squirrels came running over to see if we had some scraps for them. I had a nut bar in my bag and broke off tiny pieces to feed the 6 of them while Joe took photos, I got me finger nipped in the process but it didn't break the skin. They have very thin, brown teeth which came as a surprise and their bellies are white like Twitch's...

The squirrels in Montreal are grey but in Ottawa they have mutated to become black which I love!

The park is the Cour de St Louis and it is surrounded by beautiful Victorian houses, some of which are painted brightly and feature on postcards.
It's taken quite a while to remember to re-size and post these photos from September, hope you have enjoyed them.


  1. We live near a large city park and our squirrels are the same! They look so hopeful when they hop over... That makes me want to visit Montreal, it has been many years. :)

  2. Sue, I also loved the squirrels in Canada when I was there. They didn't seem to be that tame though when I was there in the 1970s as they used to take off fairly quickly if we got too close to them. I couldn't believe they were so tiny and cute.

  3. The squirrels said to tell you that they like you, too.

  4. You can just see the expression on the passers-by face. "WIll you look at that, she's feeding them". They are probably so blase about them and dont see their beauty. I did a similar thing this weekend when i fed the parrots that came to sit on our holiday house porch. Im sure every guest does, they were quite well fed. Gosh, loving that park and those houses.