Friday 25 October 2013

My Week

has passed very quickly with lots of pottering being done...a little bit of craft, cooking, gardening, bloods at Mandurah and reading(a detective who can't help but grin as he hears the gory details of the crime(he's been turned into a flea now)).

A bush fire has been burning to the east of us and created this beautiful sunset...tragically huge bush fires are out of control in NSW and 3 men have already lost their lives.

Tee-ball and cricket seasons have begun...these girls may need to spend more time listening to their coach lol

J, however, looks very focussed...

The garden is enjoying the sunny days...the bottlebrush is glorious and look at that amazing tomato that's popped up under the washing line...

Twitch is also thriving, indoors and out...

behind his favourite tree

and the old "Feet in the Dish Trick"
And just because it's Friday I'll leave you with a pic of a catfish cleaning the algae in the aquarium at the doctor's surgery...

Special love to those undergoing chemo or grieving for loved ones at the moment, big hug to you all.

Hope you enjoy your weekend where-ever you are,
Love from Sue


  1. Great photo of fish! I am also loving the bottlebrush that seemingly everywhere at the moment. So Aussie. That tomato deserves to thrive - such a survivor.

  2. I love seeing pictures of Twitch. It is nice to be reminded of Hopscotch, my old bunny. I agree about the bottlebrush. I rarely see them around here and they are such an energizing plant.

    Speaking of which, your tomato is so cute. I finally turned on the heat here, so I guess that means I have to go out today and pull up my garden stuff. I sampled one of the tomatoes on my way out yesterday and the most recent frosty morning has pretty much destroyed the flavor.

  3. You sure do need something to entertain you when waiting in a doctor's surgery. That catfish looks amazing. As for your bunny....I still have to get my head around the fact that people keep them as pets as they are banned here in Queensland! He is very cute I must admit.

  4. Gotta love a tomato with such tenacity! My tomatoes this year are volunteers, I think just cherry toms popping up where I threw an old discard plant, the weak ones are dying off and some are getting bigger and stronger, I just water them occasionally and leave nature to do its work, after all they were not planned. theres a potato popped up in the middle of them too.