Thursday 17 October 2013

Back Garden

The back garden was like a jungle after a short 5 week holiday away and it made me so discouraged, with the large windows in this house it was visible from every room and looked dreadful. We had a professional lawn mower man come in 2 weeks ago and he did a wonderful job...I've been out with Dad's old-fashioned hoe nearly every day and today I trimmed the grass looks so good in the bright having a private park. The vegies I planted in my 'rabbit-proof cage' are thriving too, it's keeping the snails as well as Twitch out...

this is the Cape Lilac in full bloom, the flowers do smell like real lilac

tomatoes, silverbeet, tuscan kale and basil

my zucchini/courgette plants just to the right of my 'cage'

Love it!

How is your garden growing at the moment? Mum has been harvesting lots of broad beans to share, home-grown produce tastes a million times better than shop-bought stuff, even with a tiny balcony you can grow all sorts of fruit and vegs in pots!


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  1. Sue, it is very dry here at the moment but we bought a watersaver garden and the plants in that seem to be doing well so far. Time will tell. We have heaps of herbs growing and enough vegies for ourselves at present. We have been having summer temps since spring started so it's not nice gardening weather unfortunately. Perhaps we will have our spring weather during summer. LOL!