Thursday 17 September 2015

Pretties In The Garden

Low 20s today and very sunny so the flowers are out in force. I've done a little weeding and pruning and snail squashing and have some photos of my 'pretties'!

gorgeous kalanchoe , new this year, called Tinker Bell

Bluebells from some bulbs Dad gave me years ago

No idea what these are or how they got into this pot but they are very happy

mini rose has so much new shiny growth

Roma tomato is growing well too

beautiful, fragrant freesias come up from bulbs every year

buttery yellow freesia

one of the last Indian limes

this could be elephant ears, a gift from the grandchildren years ago too

one of Nadia's succulents

a Docker's Pansy, named for the colour of our local football team!

my cherubs, a gift when I retired

hurray! my dill seeds have sprouted

shady front porch

Fire n Snow poppies that have self-seeded  every-where

one perfect daisy
these "stuffed shirts" made me laugh at the local op-shop.

All is well here, we're having a family lunch on Saturday at Elizabeth's to celebrate the up-coming 60th Wedding Anniversary of Mum and Dad's, it will be lovely to get every-one together to share a meal as it's been a while since we did that.

Hope all is well at your place too,
Love from Sue