Wednesday 30 June 2021

Dad's Letter Christmas 1952

 June 29, 2021

 Sent back home by my 19yrs old fighting in the Korean War in 1952. Now I have grandchildren this age and understand better just how very young he truly was and to be enduring this horror.

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From Korea

" Dear Family,

Well Christmas is here but I never thought I('d) be in a place like this. We're still in the line & will be for the New Year we pull out on Jan 4th:- so by the time you get this we should be out.
I've just received your second parcel & thanks very much family it's OK. We(ve) not had a proper dinner, our Christmas dinner comes on the 4th Jan. You should have seen the lads when I opened it HA HA + the Christmas(cake?) & cards very nice & thanks for the candles HA HA & 20 Woodbines.
The Daily Mail gave us a bottle of beer 20 Capstan and a bar of chocolate, not bad for a thank you. I also got the (news)papers & thanks for putting in the Daily Herald.

I am very sorry about Doreen(SIL), I just don't know what to say, it was such a shock to me, I only hope she soon gets well again & I know she will. When you go to see her give her my love Alan or Mam when you go, ask her if she remembers last Christmas Eve HA HA
Thanks Mrs Winters very much for putting something in for me, I've not forgotten her.

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We was woke up this morning with a cup of tea, I wish they would do it every morning then I might sign on HA HA.
We've just got a new draft come to us. I've one sleeping in with me. Every time he hears a bang or sees a flash off a gun he's always asking me what it is but being an old sweat, Dad, I tell him HA HA. It's a shame for him, he's 19 but he looks about 15. they make me sick back home sending blokes like him out. You should see the difference between the new blokes and us HA HA
The Chinks have been putting Christmas card(s) and presents on the wires and playing carols across the valley to us, very nice of them but the RAF didn't think so HA
Well I'll close now as teas up, Spam and cheese HA HA. Thanks once again sorry I couldn't be there & thank Auntie Maggie and Betty for the parcels. I'll try and drop them a line. Hope you got my card.

Your Loving son

Dad passed away on January 18th this year at the nursing home and is much missed, This is his last Christmas, 68 years later...