Sunday 19 April 2020

Visitors and A Walk

     Staying strictly within the confines of social distancing Elizabeth and the Lads managed a visit and I managed a walk around the block...    David had trouble in the dinosaur suit as it is adult size...

It was Eliz and Cody's birthdays yesterday, just had to send $$ to their bank accounts as we couldn't see them or shop for them...
I've done the 15 minutes walk around a nearby block, Day 1 went well and I saw a huge flock of pelicans going home to roost. Day 2 was hard work going up that slight incline. Day 3 Joe came with me and talked non-stop the whole way round(he hasn't been invited again). Day 4 I took these photos and could have walked further I suppose...this is around 5.30pm, it's getting dark so quickly now...

It's been raining all night which is a lovely change and to celebrate I am making a beef and potato stew for our tea tonight,

Hope you are well, I really do
Love Sue

Thursday 16 April 2020

Just Some Photos

Hallo Every-one, how are you managing at the moment, such tragic times for so many families plus the anxiety and stress of loss of income and the fear of becoming ill. I'm finding that being at home gives me a false sense of 'there's nothing really happening' but the TV news channel begs to differ.

Very quiet here as expected, we haven't been out for weeks now apart from a trip to collect our prescriptions from the chemist, I drove and stayed in the car while Joe went into the chemist...he hasn't driven at all since his car accident late November when he gashed his head and wrecked the car, there's never a dull moment is there?

This purple and lavender blanket is finished now...such fun and easy knit but so effective with the variety of colours and textures...have begun a nice chevron stitch one now and it's lovely to see the zig zags take shape...more anon...

Still in the garden small things are going on...a fungus came up in one pot...such a pretty colour

Next to the washing line a Golden Orb spider has spun an enormous web, the strands are surprisingly strong, she has bundled up many flies and was working on a large blow-fly when I took this. I haven't seen her mate for a few days, he's probably one of those bundles she's saving for a rainy day..

Elizabeth and David are making some hilarious home movies while in lock-down, I am trying to work out how to share them here; today's efforts involve a T-Rex suit and a spectacular fall from a log lol I think they need to go onto you tube first before I can upload them, Eliz is using Tik Tok atm the moment.

I made a yummy meatloaf by squeezing the meat from 500 gms of free range chicken sausages(the chickens are free range not the sausages) and fried off capsicum, onion etc, an egg, rolled oats and lots of herbs. It had a nice firm texture and was easy to slice for sandwiches too.

So stay safe my friends, stay well and make the most of this time at home if you are lucky enough to be able to stay there,
Love from Sue

I wonder if this link to Elizabeth's you tube will work now?