Sunday 19 April 2020

Visitors and A Walk

     Staying strictly within the confines of social distancing Elizabeth and the Lads managed a visit and I managed a walk around the block...    David had trouble in the dinosaur suit as it is adult size...

It was Eliz and Cody's birthdays yesterday, just had to send $$ to their bank accounts as we couldn't see them or shop for them...
I've done the 15 minutes walk around a nearby block, Day 1 went well and I saw a huge flock of pelicans going home to roost. Day 2 was hard work going up that slight incline. Day 3 Joe came with me and talked non-stop the whole way round(he hasn't been invited again). Day 4 I took these photos and could have walked further I suppose...this is around 5.30pm, it's getting dark so quickly now...

It's been raining all night which is a lovely change and to celebrate I am making a beef and potato stew for our tea tonight,

Hope you are well, I really do
Love Sue

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  1. Lovely photos. I have never been to Australia. We are watching "McLeod's Daughters." That show is Australian and very good!!I thought of you when I saw that last night. Wishing you and your family are well and safe!! Take care!