Saturday 28 November 2015

Hanging Hand Towel Pattern

Hallo is a pattern I have modified to make a knitted cotton hand towel that you can attach to the oven door handle or a towel rail.

I've used Bendigo Woollen Mills' 8 ply cotton, it is a rather thin 8-ply and 4mm/UK size 8 needles. 25 to 30 gms was all it took. If you don't have 8 ply cotton you can use 2 strands of 4 ply together.

Cast on 9 stitches
Knit 5 rows
Row 6 K4, yarn fwd, K2tog, knit to end.

Knit a further 22 rows.

Increasing starts now~
K2, yarn forward, knit to end.
Repeat this row until you have the desired width for your hand-towel...I went to 46 sts, you may wish to make it wider.

Main body and to keep the hole at the edge~

K2, yarn forward, K2tog, knit to end
Repeat this row until you have the desired length.

K2, *yarn fwd, K2tog, K1* to end.
Knit 2 rows and cast off.

Sew on a button and it's done

My gorgeous buttons come from Sharyn at Buttons B Busy on Facebook

Shoulder detail

Close-up of top

Hope you enjoy making one or two, they would make a simple last minute gift perhaps? Stripes would be fun or use a variegated yarn. If you don't have 8ply cotton then you could use 2 strands of 4ply held together.

Love from Sue