Friday 8 June 2012

In Praise of Garter Stitch

Garter stitch must be the easiest and most basic form of knitting but it really can look quite beautiful and is wonderful to knit when reading or watching TV as it needs little concentration. Here are a few examples of how I've used it...this is a stack of scarves made using 3 strands of some very fine yarn that Paul gave me. The scarves went to Rhonda's Community Centre for needy people...

This large 'ball' of coarse string was also in the box of yarn that Paul gave me....I suppose it was used for macramé at one stage and I've never quite known what to do with it. Yesterday I got out my 10mm needles and cast on 30stitches to see how it would's a bit twisty but is quickly knitting up and there'll be enough to make a shopping bag....

Caleb's Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket is all garter stitch too...with some brilliant corner shaping this garment is knit in one piece! As you knit this pattern you can never be sure just which part you're working on...that Mrs Zimmerman was a genius.

Here you can see a Pebble's Vest(free pattern at Knitty,com) which uses garter stitch as a decorative feature at the top and bottom...

The ever-useful cotton washcloth, not sure why the right-hand side looks so uneven..always slip the first stitch of each row to get a neat edge...

The vintage slipper pattern uses mainly garter stitch...

And now? The ugliest thing I have ever made...ever. A large ball of green acrylic with 2 odd neutral balls of wool, 40stitches and big's about 5ft x 2ft. Despite it's lack of charm it is much loved and used(indoors only)'s loose texture means it makes a warm scarf and if I'm really cold I wear it as a shawl and use a biro as a shawl pin! Twitch also enjoys it's warmth as you will see below...

Baby-wearing my rabbit on a cool evening!

Yesterday I also sewed a nice piece of fabric to a rather thin hand-towel to freshen it up and add some colour...Joe said it looks like a baby wrap but I like it! My sewing was rather slap-dash!

What's on your needles or hook just now? My 10St Blanket is coming along slowly but's like a snail as it goes round and round....

We're having a showery day today with lots of bright sunshine in between. I've put the laundry on the clothes airer under the patio...Twitch seems to think it's there for him to play under! It's actually quite disconcerting to be followed everywhere by a rabbit...he is quite small and so very quiet on his feet that he often gets bumped as I favourite times are when he runs into this spare room and into the wardrobe...then back out again like greased lightening! Looks innocent enough doesn't he?

We have some lamb cutlets and curry sauce from the freezer to make for dinner tonight, with brown rice and broccoli I think!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
Love from Sue


  1. Nice work Sue!

    Goodness that Twitch gets around.

  2. On the subject of dishcloths, have you tried knitting them diagonally? Really neat and somehow look much more interesting. I'm impressed with all this woolly activity!

  3. Lovley post about knitting :) Great to see what others are working on - and keeping up with rabbity news :) lol x

  4. Hi you two Scots Lassies!!!
    I knit all manner of patterns Gartcott but just wanted to focus on good old garter stitch today. N dearest MrsL how wonderful that you share our rabbit love lol

  5. hi sue,
    nice work!!!!
    have a nice weekend,

  6. Your knitting is wonderful. I really like the idea of backing a towel with fabric. What a great way to update an old towel! I enjoy your blog so very much :)