Monday 18 June 2012

That Caterpillar!

You should have seen it! I don't think I ever saw such a beauty anywhere....I noticed that my potted elephants' ears had been eaten by something very hungry but was not expecting this's longer than a matchbox!

When 5 yr old Caleb saw this photo he knew straight away that this is the caterpillar's "bum" as he called it and these are 'faux'(false) eyes to scare away predators...

I posted a couple of photos at the Down to Earth forums and the kind members there tell me it is the larva of a Hawk Moth...something I have never seen.

It's bright and sunny again this morning. Yesterday let me get 2 lots of washing done and line dried....I didn't use the tumble drier once last year and I'm determined not to use it this year either!

 I have a head and chest cold and have broken world sleeping records the last three nights(look away Elizabeth and Priscilla who are sleeping badly at the moment)
12.5 hrs on Friday night
10.5 hrs on Saturday and 12 hrs last medications involved other than 2 paracetamol tablets at bedtime!

So I do hope you have a good week,
Sending love and comfort to two dear friends who have suffered recent losses in their families,
Love from Sue,


  1. You sensible girl, our bodies only make us sleep like that if they need it. I detest those "soldier on" ads for colds.

  2. That is one huge caterpillar. I thought it was a toy for a minute! How dare he poop while you took his picture, too!
    Hope your cold it soon better, I find Panadol helps me get a good nights sleep when needed too.

    Cheers - Joolz