Thursday 7 June 2012

Some Winter Colour

It may be Winter now but in Western Australia there are still many colourful plants and flowers to see. We have very few deciduous trees so even on the coldest days the streets are green and vibrant.
A very pretty morning sky...

Ripe habenero chillies...these are ferocious!

a raindrop dotted lemon waiting to be picked...

Hibiscus blossom dances in the breeze...

 This one poses quietly...

An aubergine or eggplant flower, this one will come to nothing as soon it will be too cold and dark for fruiting..

the first of many nasturtium flowers, Twitch loves the leaves...

and toasty new slippers for a young friend

Hope my photos brought a little brightness to your day, stay warm.
I can hear thunder at the moment and we've had such a lot of rain overnight; it's a good day for colourful soup for lunch, don't you think?
Joe is teaching chess at school at lunchtime and (crazy)Mum and Barb are out playing golf!!

Bye bye
Love from Sue

1 comment:

  1. hello sue
    the chillis looks wonderful. and the slippers are gorgeous,like the colour.they are perfect for cold your photos.
    wish you a cosy day,
    love from regina