Tuesday 19 June 2012

Keep On Knitting!

 I made this shawl 3 years ago from a free pattern at Ravelry called  LaLa's Simple Shawl, in fact I made Mum one too from the same Vera Moda Yarn. As with most scarves if you choose a different yarn than the one recommended you just keep knitting until it reaches the size you want......Elizabeth has a soft red one...

Last week I found this lovely blue wool with torquoise and purple flecks in it at the Red Cross Shop, 250gms/5 x 50gms ball for $6 and I've made the hat and 2 pairs of wrist-warmers from 3 of the balls which sounds like good value to me!

 ...and another very thick hat for Dad who even wears them to bed!

If you haven't joined Ravelry yet you are really missing something special...6000 free patterns for both knitted and crocheted items, hints and tips, groups of knitters who may be focussing on a particular style such as Fair Isle or Aran knits. There's no cost to join so what are you waiting for? http://www.ravelry.com/

Click here for another knitty treat that's doing the rounds on Facebook, one pal, Mrs L has even ordered the yarn for one for herself!

Keep on knitting, folks,
Love from Sue

Today is the funeral of my grand-daughter's 2 yr old uncle Henry Wegner, may he rest in peace and may his parents find some comfort in his memories, goodnight Sweetheart xx


  1. Sue I am in the middle of making one of those shawls from thrifted cream wools.Good to have an idea of what it will look like when finished.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  2. That shawl is beautiful Sue.

    RIP Henry