Tuesday 26 June 2012

More Links To Jennet Cragg(nee Townson)

A message on my previous post about this remarkable great-grandmother has opened up another whole branch of our family! Aly Gray is descended from Jennet's son, Timothy Cragg and I am descended from her youngest daughter, Elizabeth who wed John Kelsall in 1650.

Aly kindly sent me this link  which shows that in the early 1800s distant relatives from Over Wyresdale emigrated to a place called Greenbank, Ontario, Canada. (I have actually been within 20 miles of this town in 2004 driving to from and to Toronto Airport.) Although all the pages of this book are not on-line it shows mentions of the Kelsalls and Craggs, cousins and second cousins, who lived in Over Wyresdale and followed the Quaker way of worship and living.

This next link gives an idea of the life and times of both Jennet and Timothy, I'm just a little disappointed he doesn't mention his young sister, Elizabeth but he has certainly left his mark.

This is the house he built in Over Wyresdale with his son, David(not the one who went to Canada). Beech House, credit to Neil Cragg, thank you.

Try this link for a better view

My next discovery is the web-site of Barbara Dickson also in Ontario and descended from Jennet Cragg. Barbara has compiled the stories of her branch of the Cragg family, the ones that went on to found Greenbank in Durham County, Ontario.

I find it quite hard to try to follow these family trees when they are so distant but hopefully by getting these links down now I will be able to follow them up. I'd especially love to read the whole of  Georgina Fandrey's book at the "Our Roots/Nos Racines" site in Quebec.

Lastly a link to what was probably the Meeting House for the Quaker Families in Over Wyresdale and surrounding farms etc, you can see the small and very plain graveyard in the main photo.

An on-going project!
Love from Sue

ETA Aly has just introduced me to something called Genes Reunited and so tomorrow I will begin filling in what I know of my own family tree(s).

If you are interested in writing out your own family tree there are lovely templates here to print off...would make a nice activity for older children to do their own.


  1. You and Mum would be a great pair, she's a family history expert. Good luck with it.

  2. Aww Rose...get Mavis's tales down in writing while you can...I loved listening to my grandparent's stories as a child....these are the people that we come from. Grandad Gardner and now Dad are wonderful raconteurs...hope to achieve that level one day!!