Friday 18 November 2011

Friday On My Mind...

...when we simply post our photo and caption, visit other blogs, see what on the minds of others and leave the link back here.

Today I have a photo of beautiful yellow roses and the first bud of the Spring from my Peace Rose. The painting was done last year my daughter, the very talented Elizabeth Emma Nesbitt and I love it and her very much. Elizabeth paints on fabric using acrylic paints and her panels can be used in quilts, cushion covers, wall hangings etc.

I'm also very excited because my parents will be home from their cruise today and Gordon is going to drive me the airport to seems so long since I've talked to Ma and Pa; 11days IS a long time for us!

What's on your mind today? Are you looking forward to a relaxing weekend or do you have exciting plans?
Hope it's wonderful for you,
Love from Sue


  1. You are right Sue, it is a beautiful yellow rose, both painting and the real daughter has incredible talent!

  2. We have a peace rose too, you do know the story Sue?

  3. Yes I do...calliecat told it to me. During WW2 cutting were sent out all over Europe and the US by grower Mr Meilland to ensure that this new hybrid survived the war. My mum has a deep red called Papa Meilland that has the best scent I have ever experienced.

    Mine was given to me 12 yrs ago by 2 special workmates who knew how I was struggling in my personal life...they hoped it would bring some peace to me.


  4. Your daughter is very talented indeed!
    It was wonderful to read how excited you are to have your parents home again....enjoy.