Friday 11 November 2011

Friday On My Mind...

...when we simply share our own photo and caption, visit others who are playing along and leave the link back to our blog.

After an amusing but inexpensive "muck-up" at the sewing table yesterday I redeemed myself by recovering the cushion of my favourite outdoor reading chair. I cut a large circle with a seam allowance, then a long rectangle several inches wider than the side of the cushion. I sewed a wide hem to insert elastic into and stitched it to my circle. Added the elastic which now holds the cover on tightly and allows it to be removed for washing!

The chair cost $10 at the Salvation Army Shop and the back cushion has long since disintegrated but it's still very comfy!

What's on your mind today? Whatever it is and wherever you are I hope you have a beautiful day.


  1. You did a fabulous job, Sue! Turned out great for improvising :)

  2. It looks good Sue!Would you please move next door to me so you show me how to sew properly.

  3. That looks lovely. That's very clever. My wicker chair has a weird shaped seat and no cushion so I wonder if I could do something similar. The chair lives out near the fire pit and needs a good scrub and some new lacquer.

  4. Thank you looks so much nicer than the faded and grubby cover already there. That has a nice long zip but I shy away from tricks like that!

    The chair has had 2 coats of cream spray paint but it's very thin ...perhaps some white gloss would be better.

    Oh Rose.....If you could see my wobbly seams and naughty shortcuts you would say you could do a better job and I really hope that your confidence will suddenly click one day soon.


  5. You did a lovely job. The elastic is a good idea; our outdoor seat covers could use a good washing, but they aren't removable.

    I found you from Rhonda's on my mind feature. Have a nice weekend.