Monday 21 November 2011

Fabric Treats

Two weeks ago I posted a short message about a Giveaway at another blog. My beautiful fabrics arrived last week and I was so delighted by the generosity of the two lovely ladies at Beach Vintage Blog. Thank you Simone and Jody. They had been making sweet Christmas napkins last week and I do hope they will stretch this to making re-usable gift bags too ;) I did that last year and won't need to buy any wrapping paper this year.

Aren't they gorgeous? Now the hardest part will be deciding how to use these fat quarters to the best...I don't even want to cut them! These fabrics and many more are available for sale at their new 'shop' and they have some great 'specials' too.

This little jumper finally got finished and sewn up on the's from this free pattern...obviously altered some-what and the bottom needs pressing a little....the roll is meant to be much more even than that.

I'm really looking forward to getting back sewing after a frantic few days of having to go out...I much prefer days of pottering around home lol

and you? What plans do you have for the coming week?

 Have you started your Christmas preparations yet? There's a great thread running at the Down To Earth Forums where members have been sharing how they are getting ready for this special time of the year.

Bye bye for now,
Love from Sue

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  1. You are such a crafty women! Great talent, Sue!