Saturday 26 November 2011

Hawes in North Yorkshire

Just a few photos today from Hawes in Wensleydale. We visited the Wensleydale Creamery and tasted and bought some real Wensleydale cheese and then walked down into Hawes itself...quite beautiful. Beware the lurking Border Collie waiting to pounce...what a devil! I can see apples growing in the tree above him.

That's all for today. We were shattered to learn yesterday that Joe's 28yr old daughter, Priscilla, wife and mother of two(3 yrs and 3 mos old) has a very rare cancer in her abdomen, a type of sarcoma measuring 15 x 6 cms. Priss will see the specialist on Monday in regard to treatment, it is so rare that only one doctor in Ottawa(Canada's capital) has had experience of working with a patient with it. Please keep in her and her husband Will in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to Kaylene Taylor here in Perth for her work on the photograph of Priscilla's daughters.



  1. Dear Sue and Joe, my best wishes for Priscilla to make a full recovery.

  2. Sorry to hear about Priscillas troubles, sending love and best wishes for successful treatment. xx

  3. and ditto from me to you both - so sorry to hear this

  4. Oh Sue, I so sorry to hear about your dear Priscilla. Keeping you all in my thoughts for a positive outcome. oxo

  5. Sorry to hear about your dear one. Wish her a speedy recovery.