Wednesday 16 November 2011

Stone Circles

Several years ago Joe and I read Dr M.Scott Peck's book, "In Search Of Stones" where he and his wife visited many of the main UK stone circles andhe discussed the journey of Life and all it's mysteries as he travelled. He also wrote "The Road Less Travelled" which you may have heard of and he is a renowned and well respected philosopher.

When we were in the UK in 2008 we mentioned these stone circles to Uncle Tom and he offered to take us up to Castlerigg in Cumbria, near the beautiful town of Keswick. This link will tell you what is known about this stone circle and I'll show you a few photos we took that day. The background was spectacular, high mountains and grassy meadows, warm sunshine and even today, an air of mystery remains. To get there we drove past the turn-off to Threlkeld at the base of Blencathra where my Grandad Kelsall had worked many years previously.
Us, purely for scale of course!

If you double-click on this map you will be able to read the print.

The whole field is surrounded by a dry stone wall such, can you see the steps of slate within this part of the wall? Suitable for people to use but not the sheep! Please excuse our backs!

What a spectacular view this hang-glider had.

Two weeks later we took the opportunity to visit Long Meg and Her Daughters near Penrith which is north of Castlerigg. It was a really wet and windy day and perfect atmosphere for this stone circle.
The next 2 photos are of twelve foot tall Long Meg herself and then a close-up of some of the carving on her.

Some offerings left by local pagans I assume....

We had a lovely lunch at Melmerby, organic bread baked on-site and recommended by Prince Charles and lovely hot soup. I'm sure coffee and scones were involved too ;) Well refreshed we set off again and also visited Acorn Bank Garden and Waterwheel and Brough Castle...another tale for another day!

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed my post and will read up a little more on these fascinating stone circles, every-one knows of Stonehenge but as you can see from my links there are other circles and many interesting sites dating back to The Bronze Age in the British Isles.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
Love from Sue


  1. Wow, there sure is a lot more to it than I imagined. Great post Sue.

  2. Aww Bless... how very special to go to such a spiritual place, such a magikal place. The country side is beautiful and I have always loved those old stone walls.

  3. It is indeed a remarkable feeling to stand within these circles and try to imagine the thousands of years of human life that has gone on before you arrived.


  4. LOL at the pic of me outside the cafe/ hair was wet through and plastered to my head...ah well you get that!

  5. Sue I love these posts about your travels and all the history behind them. Beautiful photos and a beautiful spiritual place.
    Thank you :)