Thursday 24 November 2011

The Book Depository and Other Tales

I can't recommend the Book Depository highly enough for good value and service too,  I made my purchase on-line, the site is easy to navigate and the book arrived after 2 weeks from the UK. The best thing about them is that they post worldwide for free and this wonderful book that I use almost every day cost $8.23!

When I 'went off' meat in early September the one recipe book from the library that made it very easy was "500 Greatest Ever Vegetarian Recipes" edited by Valerie Ferguson. It seems to be a compilation of recipes from various sources and leaves out dessert recipes in favour of many more savoury recipes, fresh fruit is enough when we have dessert.

Almost every recipe is illustrated and there are various unusual sections such as Hot and Spicy and Special Occasions as well as beautifully photographed pages of ingredients and techniques at the beginning of the book...

It would a lovely gift for any vegetarian or any-one who simply wants to eat more vegetables, they certainly  reduce grocery bills!

Yesterday morning the plumber turned up to repair some dripping taps, one so bad that it was filling a 9 litre bucket in 2 hours(and then being poured onto pot plants). The constant dripping noise was driving us mad as well as the waste of good clean water. He also fixed the leaking toilet so it's lovely here again now! Later in the morning I had a message from a new forum friend who lives quite close offering her DH as an amateur plumber to fix the taps...I thought this was such a kind and neighbourly gesture...ty Mandy and Paul xx

We had a tasty salad before heading out on the mid 30C afternoon, sans car air-conditioner :(

The specialist we went to see for Joe's shoulder and elbow was wonderful, he got all the details and then examined the patient and he feels it may be a trapped nerve in the neck. He sent Joe for extensive bloodtests and a bone density scan (Sat.) as well as recommending (each day) 10 x 1,000mgs fish oil capsules and 4 x 1,000 mgs of Vitamin D; both of these should help Joe to sleep better, feel happier as well as improving bone and joint health, Joe cannot process Vit D from the sunlight.

So that was our day, this afternoon Joe has chess club at the local school and I have to drive to Mandurah to see my haemachromotosis specialist and have a bag of blood taken's in the oncology dept and the staff are so wonderful but I count my blessings when I see the other patients on their day-long drips.

Hope my fellow Aussies are keeping cool and safe, there are already bush fires burning,

Love from Sue


  1. I'm loving the book depository too. I have a rule though that until I've had a book out of the library 3 times I don't buy it! I wait and see if the novelty wears off. That said... I could make an exception... lol!

  2. Love love love The Book Depository.

  3. Oh looky, I got a mention! Any time Sue, just ask.