Saturday 21 November 2020

November 21

 Hallo again, just a few pics of what we've been doing lately...not a great deal and I am yearning to travel again once we can...such a sorrowful time for so many people and I do count my blessings every day.

Garden is booming with the warmer days although it hasn't been really hot yet which is unusual...lots of pansies here...

lovely lobelia self-seeds everywhere and looks divine...

I'm picking silverbeet, parsley, spring onions, basil, strawberries and lettuce from this riotous bed...

and now my mini Bougainvillea is really thriving...

Some more baby knits finished for two babies due in April...I have bought these top down patterns as there is no sewing up to do once the knitting is finished, the sleeves are knit on the round and the pattern starts at the neck edge and increases to the under arms...very clever methinks...

I went with Dad, Elizabeth and Caleb to the Remembrance Day Service at dad's Care Home, Gill (from Warrington) took this great photo...

Elizabeth and the Lads had fun at Halloween, K and V throw a great party every year and their whole street joins in...Dad and David getting in the 'spirit'

Steampunk is such fun...

Their bus is almost ready for the road with the help of big Bro and good friend Brock, will show some photos once it's tidy and ready. We're also working on Dad's house, de-cluttering and stripping wallpaper and painting(big Bro again)...there's still such a lot of upkeep even though Dad no longer lives there.

Pip pip cheerio



  1. beautiful knitting as always! wish there was an adult size like that, so sick of seaming
    glad you are keeping well & busy

    hmmph blogger has become a little painful of late, went in to try & change my background & couldn't find it LOL haven't done much in mine at all

    stay safe
    thanx for sharing

    1. Hi Selina...there are adult garments knitted from the top...try a google search, the blue cardi I am wearing in the photo with Dad is in Bendigo 5 ply. The pattern is from Bristol Ivy and is called "Waits". There are lots of other patterns on ravelry that are top-down too xxx