Saturday 16 April 2022

Recent Knitting


My Library Bag

About 10 yrs ago I re-purposed a large pair of jeans to make this very strong library bag, it's been used all the time and doesn't yet show any signs of wear. Such a tough material.

I'm not sure why by the embroidery bug bit me again recently and I grabbed this bag to use to practice on, a sampler if you will. I had some DMC Perle 5 threads left over and started stitching encouraged by a Fb group called Mindful Stitching and the sheer pleasure of adding a random and very colourful pattern. There ended being 14 different stitches used and I did took about 8 weeks altogether, just filling in the canvas and trying new techniques.

 It's very relaxing and I highly recommend giving it a go. I've also added some colour to several pairs of my own jeans...just for fun!

My Square Sausage

 Scottish Lorne Sausage or Square Sausage??

I'm weaning Joe off commercial pork products because of their unhealthiness and used the following recipe based on a link I will post in the comments.
Check the link for how to chill the meat etc
I've switched out the breadcrumbs for oats as that's what I had at hand. You'll need a food processor.
1kg/2lbs of minced pork and beef or just pork
2 cups of rolled oats
3T tomato paste, apple puree or plain water
1t coarse black pepper
2t dried herbs or 2 T chopped fresh herbs
1t nutmeg or garlic powder perhaps?
Process the oats until you have a coarse flour.
Tip into large mixing bowl
Process about 1/3 to 1/2 of the meat to get that smooth raw sausage meat texture that makes slicing easier later on 😉
Mix everything thoroughly with your hands and press into prepped loaf tin.
Leave overnight to firm up and then slice.
I made 17 slices today and will freeze most of it.
You can simple shallow fry the slices, BBQ them, they won't take long to cook
So no added sodium, no nitrates and we're both happy about that xx🍳🍔

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Dad's Letter Christmas 1952

 June 29, 2021

 Sent back home by my 19yrs old fighting in the Korean War in 1952. Now I have grandchildren this age and understand better just how very young he truly was and to be enduring this horror.

 Page 1...

From Korea

" Dear Family,

Well Christmas is here but I never thought I('d) be in a place like this. We're still in the line & will be for the New Year we pull out on Jan 4th:- so by the time you get this we should be out.
I've just received your second parcel & thanks very much family it's OK. We(ve) not had a proper dinner, our Christmas dinner comes on the 4th Jan. You should have seen the lads when I opened it HA HA + the Christmas(cake?) & cards very nice & thanks for the candles HA HA & 20 Woodbines.
The Daily Mail gave us a bottle of beer 20 Capstan and a bar of chocolate, not bad for a thank you. I also got the (news)papers & thanks for putting in the Daily Herald.

I am very sorry about Doreen(SIL), I just don't know what to say, it was such a shock to me, I only hope she soon gets well again & I know she will. When you go to see her give her my love Alan or Mam when you go, ask her if she remembers last Christmas Eve HA HA
Thanks Mrs Winters very much for putting something in for me, I've not forgotten her.

Page 2

We was woke up this morning with a cup of tea, I wish they would do it every morning then I might sign on HA HA.
We've just got a new draft come to us. I've one sleeping in with me. Every time he hears a bang or sees a flash off a gun he's always asking me what it is but being an old sweat, Dad, I tell him HA HA. It's a shame for him, he's 19 but he looks about 15. they make me sick back home sending blokes like him out. You should see the difference between the new blokes and us HA HA
The Chinks have been putting Christmas card(s) and presents on the wires and playing carols across the valley to us, very nice of them but the RAF didn't think so HA
Well I'll close now as teas up, Spam and cheese HA HA. Thanks once again sorry I couldn't be there & thank Auntie Maggie and Betty for the parcels. I'll try and drop them a line. Hope you got my card.

Your Loving son

Dad passed away on January 18th this year at the nursing home and is much missed, This is his last Christmas, 68 years later...

Saturday 21 November 2020

November 21

 Hallo again, just a few pics of what we've been doing lately...not a great deal and I am yearning to travel again once we can...such a sorrowful time for so many people and I do count my blessings every day.

Garden is booming with the warmer days although it hasn't been really hot yet which is unusual...lots of pansies here...

lovely lobelia self-seeds everywhere and looks divine...

I'm picking silverbeet, parsley, spring onions, basil, strawberries and lettuce from this riotous bed...

and now my mini Bougainvillea is really thriving...

Some more baby knits finished for two babies due in April...I have bought these top down patterns as there is no sewing up to do once the knitting is finished, the sleeves are knit on the round and the pattern starts at the neck edge and increases to the under arms...very clever methinks...

I went with Dad, Elizabeth and Caleb to the Remembrance Day Service at dad's Care Home, Gill (from Warrington) took this great photo...

Elizabeth and the Lads had fun at Halloween, K and V throw a great party every year and their whole street joins in...Dad and David getting in the 'spirit'

Steampunk is such fun...

Their bus is almost ready for the road with the help of big Bro and good friend Brock, will show some photos once it's tidy and ready. We're also working on Dad's house, de-cluttering and stripping wallpaper and painting(big Bro again)...there's still such a lot of upkeep even though Dad no longer lives there.

Pip pip cheerio


Tuesday 20 October 2020

Waves From Behind The Settee


Erky Perky as Rose used to say...I've been away so long that everything in Blogger is different lol

 I've been pretty 'down' this year as I continue to support Dad in Care during Covid times. Dementia is so hard to watch and deal with but he's safe and well looked after these days and could no longer live by himself although that doesn't stop him asking why not?

Here is my knitting which keeps me sane!

It's Spring alright now so I took some pics outside...

We are so fortunate here in WA as our government has kept the interstate borders closed for months now so Covid is almost non-existent here; the only cases have been returning residents who have kept in hotel quarantine. Other states have fared badly and Charlie's other Nana hasn't seen him for a year's very, very sad. My English cousins are also in lockdown as are our Canadian loved ones.
My brother, Ian turned 60yrs this week and he and Wendy visited 2 weeks ago to pick up their new was wonderful to have so many of the family under my roof as we got Dad out for the day and we gathered here for lunch. We also took Dad to the park in September for his 87th birthday...I think Gord is describing a fish he caught ;)

Hope you are all keeping well, big love, Sue


Sunday 19 April 2020

Visitors and A Walk

     Staying strictly within the confines of social distancing Elizabeth and the Lads managed a visit and I managed a walk around the block...    David had trouble in the dinosaur suit as it is adult size...

It was Eliz and Cody's birthdays yesterday, just had to send $$ to their bank accounts as we couldn't see them or shop for them...
I've done the 15 minutes walk around a nearby block, Day 1 went well and I saw a huge flock of pelicans going home to roost. Day 2 was hard work going up that slight incline. Day 3 Joe came with me and talked non-stop the whole way round(he hasn't been invited again). Day 4 I took these photos and could have walked further I suppose...this is around 5.30pm, it's getting dark so quickly now...

It's been raining all night which is a lovely change and to celebrate I am making a beef and potato stew for our tea tonight,

Hope you are well, I really do
Love Sue